Claimed Back £3,369.96

  When I mentioned to friends that I was thinking about asking you to do my PPI claim for me, they told me not to do it because I would have to pay you far too much money. But my husband had a successful claim with you and I adopted the attitude “Well look, so what if I pay somebody to do it for me, I wouldn’t have any money anyway if I don’t claim. And I’m glad that I did ask you to claim for me because all I had to do was return some forms that were basically already completed and you had marked where I had to sign. It didn’t cost anything to send them back either and it was just so easy. For me, you made the whole process so easy and stress free – they’re the two words that come to mind about your service: stress free. I don’t mind paying you because I feel that I paid for an excellent service. You kept me updated and informed about what was happening so I was never left wondering, and I ended up getting back money that I never knew I was entitled to in the first place. I’ve already recommend you to my son and I might have a go at my sister too. She’s been talking about claiming but somebody has convinced her that she should go straight to the bank to miss out the fees, but I’m going to tell her not to be so daft. With you, there’s just a form to post back, which is free, and you did all the work for me, so I didn’t have to go backwards and forwards with the bank.

Christine Hare

Claimed Back £1,348,81

  I didn’t think I would get any money back from my mortgage, but I thought I would give it a shot. PPI Claims Advice Line have a no win, no fee* policy, so I figured I had nothing to lose. They were really helpful throughout the whole process and found charges that I didn’t even know existed. I highly recommend them!

Kelpert Shamu

Claimed Back £33,372.90

  When I first considered claiming back my money from PPI, I weighed up the pros and cons of doing it myself and keeping 100% of the refund versus having you guys do it for me in exchange for a percentage. As I’m quite busy with my work and life in general, I decided it was a lot easier and more efficient to hand over the paperwork to a professional organisation who does this every day and to let you get on with it for me. I had several claims, all of which were handled really well. Only one of my claims had to go the Ombudsman and that too was resolved very quickly. So for me, the speed of the turn around and how fast things moved was a good point of your service. I found your customer service and all the people that I dealt with to be very good. I have already recommended you to one friend and I absolutely recommend you to anyone else thinking about making a PPI claim.


Claimed Back £2,380,57

  I spent some time reading through your website before deciding to ask you to take care of my claim and, as the terms were very clear, I had no reservations in making that decision. During the claim process itself, I thought your service was excellent and I was especially pleased with the level of contact that I received from you, keeping me regularly updated with what was going on. I found all of your staff to be very friendly and there was never a time where I thought “have they forgotten about me?” I am very pleased with the service I received from you and have already referred a friend. To anyone else wishing to get their money back from mis-sold PPI, I recommend they use your service to do so. Having you handle my claims on my behalf took a lot of weight off my mind because you dealt with everything.


Claimed Back £10,351,81

  I thought everything was fine with my loan until I started to see all the stories on the news about PPI being mis-sold, so I called PPI Claims Advice Line to see if they would look into it for me. I was kept up to date all the time and it turned out that the company I took the loan out with had gone into liquidation during the recession. I would have had no idea what to do if I had been claiming by myself. I’m not sure how they did it, but PPI Claim Back Co still managed to recover my money and I’m very happy that they did!

Julia Lester

Claimed Back £14,634,45

  I knew that I had PPI when I got in contact with PPI Claims Advice Line, but I didn’t know if I was owed any money. You provided a great service that did exactly what it said on the tin. I’ve already recommended your service to friends and family and I’ve spent the money on home improvements and general bits and bobs

Christopher John Groves

Claimed Back £3,175,86

  I was receiving a lot of cold calls from other companies asking me to get in contact with them about PPI. After receiving all of these unwanted calls I decided to make an online enquiry on your website to find how the process works and to get the ball rolling. To be honest I didn’t even know if I was owed anything or had even been paying for the policy. I’m very glad I got in touch! After sending back the original claim forms I didn’t have to do much and I’ve used the money to renovate my Porsche.

Michael Poynter

Claimed Back £6,109,13

  When I first got in contact with Oracle Legal Ltd I knew that I was paying for the insurance policy, but I didn’t know how much I had paid up until that point, or whether I was entitled to make a claim. After speaking to your claim advisor Kyle I realised that the PPI may have been mis sold and it would be worth making a claim to be sure. I’m very pleased that I did get in contact with you as you provided a 5 star service from start to finish. Kyle was a brilliant advisor and provided me with all the information I needed. I was so pleased with how the claim turned out and have already referred a close friend. I originally believed that PPI was a compulsory policy, after finding that it wasn’t I couldn’t believe that the banks would mis sell it to me.

Sidhu Blagopal

Claimed Back £52,851,30

  I knew I had PPI and I also have credit cards, so I decided to go to Oracle Legal Ltd to help investigate if I was owed any money. The whole process took quite a while to complete – a little over 5 months in total, but it was worth the wait. I was shocked to hear just how much money I would be getting back and very pleased that it would pay for a holiday of a lifetime! I recommend Oracle Legal Ltd to recover any money you may be owed too.

William Robb

Claimed Back £1,315,51

  I didn’t know if I had a PPI policy and when I spoke with Oracle Legal Ltd, I was told I didn’t. But they did find that I had some unfair charges on my credit card after they investigated that for me and I was very happy when they came back to me to say they had managed to get me a refund for those charges!  

Briggs Maynard

Claimed Back £9,474,54

  I’d heard quite a lot about PPI and just wanted to make sure I wasn’t paying for the policy. Your service was brilliant and everything I still can’t believe you got me a refund in less than two weeks! Let’s hope you can get a quick refund on my other claims too! I’ve put my refund into an ISA for a rainy day!

Ruth Rosemary King

Claimed Back £4,712,21

I used to have a PPI policy in the past but I cancelled it as it would not benefit me. However, I was still unsure whether the policy was mis-sold so I got in touch with Oracle Legal Ltd. After speaking to a claims advisor, Alex, it was made clear to me that the policy was mis sold. I sent the claim paperwork back then just sat back and waited for my cheque to come through. I used the money to renovate my house and decorate my bedrooms. I’ll certainly be recommending your service to my friends and family.

Michael Hayes