Whistleblower Allegations of PPI Miscalculations Prompts Barclays Investigation

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Whistleblower Allegations of PPI Miscalculations Prompts Barclays Investigation

Barclays has been struggling to regain the trust of its customers after the role it played in the PPI scandal. A new whistle-blower allegation has made their rebranding efforts even more difficult. Barclays is investigation the new statement and insists that any problems will be addressed in a timely manner.

Charlie Boyle was a Barclays contractor responsible for processing PPI claims. Boyle said that many of the claims contained significant errors, which were rarely reported to the board. Boyle said that Antony Jenkins, the CEO of Barclays, was unaware of many of the issues that they had encountered.

Boyle said that Barclays did have a system in place to make sure the claims were verified and proper taxes were paid. However, he said that the systems were not put together as well as they should have been.

Boyle said that Barclays should begin working on new reforms. However, he said that the necessary changes could take at least a couple of years to resolve.

Boyle said that there are still a number of problems at the culture at Barclays. They said that the company is very political and that the company executives try to fill employees’ minds with propaganda. Boyle accused Barclays of being hypocritically claiming that they made significant strides towards being more ethical right before slashing employee pay.

However, while Boyle is discouraged about the way the company treated him, he said that the political climate at Barclays is a much greater concern. He said that the HR department needs a serious overhaul.

Boyle made his concerns official with a senior member of the bank a couple weeks ago. The bank insists that it takes all allegations of fraud wrongdoing very seriously. It said that it will investigate Boyle’s claims and take any remedies that it deems necessary.



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