Lurgan Police Warn About New PPI Scam

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March 18, 2014
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March 21, 2014
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Lurgan Police Warn About New PPI Scam

The Lurgan Police Department has warned that people need to be on their guard against a new PPI scandal. Several people have been contacted by scam artists purporting to be representatives of a PPI claim. These scam artists appear to be much more convincing than many other fraudsters.

Profile of the Scam

Lurgan resident Chelline Carville said that her mother received a phone call from a woman with a foreign accent. The caller claimed that she had a cheque for £6,800 for a PPI claim that she was eligible for.

PPI scams have become very prevalent over the past decade. Scam artists often use high profile news stories to appeal to people’s vulnerabilities. However, this woman sounded much more credible than many other scammers.

She said that the woman appeared to have known many private details about her. This made her claims extremely convincing.

How the Scam Would Operate

It is always important for people to know the details of a scam so they can recognize it. Here is an overview of the scam that Carville  and other Lurgan residents faced.

The scammer called Carville’s mother early in the morning and advised her that she would call again in the late afternoon. The caller asked her to bring two vouchers to cover the administration fees.

Carville’s mother had filed a PPI claim. It appears that the scammer knew this and used it to their advantage. Carville took the phone from her mother and reported the call to the police. Her mother was initially upset, but was later grateful when she realized that it was a scam.

Police Urge People to Remain Vigilant

The local police warn that PPI scandals such as this have been going on for a long time. They said that everyone should be on their guard. Scam artists tend to be very personable and try to learn as much about the victim as possible to sound legitimate.

The Lurgan Police Department said that people should always be on their guard and try to protect themselves against these kinds of scams. They advise anyone that receives such a call to investigate the company carefully and report them to the police if they can’t identify the caller.


MARCH 23RD 2020

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