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This page is all about helping you progress your PPI claim as quickly as possible, from uncovering all of your mis-sold PPI policies to getting account numbers from lenders.

You May Have More Mis-sold PPI Policies Than You Think

We often find that people have more PPI claims than they realise. It’s quite frequent that clients have forgotten about certain borrowings that may have mis-sold PPI attached.

We advise our clients to let us know about all of their borrowings, including:

Rack your brain for all the borrowings you’ve ever had. If you want to be absolutely sure you haven’t missed anything, you can run a credit check on yourself.

A credit check will produce a report showing you every borrowing and finance you’ve ever had (and where PPI is attached, whether you knew about it or not).

You can use an online service such as www.Noddle.co.uk or www.Experian.co.uk to perform your credit check. They’ll have a record of your previous loans and finance agreements.

Account Numbers and Paperwork Not Needed To Start Your Claim

When the PPI scandal first broke, each individual PPI claim had to be submitted with its associated account number. If you couldn't remember your account details, it was still possible for you to claim, but it would often involve a lot of additional work and sometimes a fee. That has now changed due to a special agreements we have with most of the main lenders. For many of the main banks, all that's needed from you to get your claim started is:
  • Your full name
  • The address you were living at when you took the finance
This will allow them to run a search across their entire network for any loans, mortgages or other finance agreements you may have ever had with them. In many cases, they will also search the databases of their sister companies too. And, unlike before, you won't have to wait 8 weeks to get your account details. Some banking groups still require just one account number in addition to your name and the address you were at when you took the finance. But it can be for any account. For example, if you have a current account with the bank in question, that account number will allow them to search their network for you. For up to date information as to what will be required for your individual situation, call us free on 0800 840 7292. We will provide you with the correct information as it pertains to your situation. All without charge or obligation to pursue your claim further through us.

Lender Phone Numbers

To save you from searching the net, getting through to the wrong department and being passed from pillar to post, here's a list of lenders in alphabetical order and their phone numbers. WHEN YOU CALL, DON'T SAY IT'S ABOUT PPI... Just say you want the details for your records.


If you need any more information or support with your claim, call us for free on 0800 840 7292 or 0161 761 8802.


MARCH 23RD 2020

At this time we are continuing business as usual however our team will now largely be working from home. This limits our phone contact availability. Customer support remains available Monday to Friday but please email in to info@oraclelegal.com with your query. We aim to get back to you within 48 hours. On receipt of PPI refunds our fees remain payable and can be paid via our website www.oraclelegal.co.uk/payments/ or via BACS. We are also working on some other areas of potential claim for you in connection with your PPI and will be in touch shortly where applicable to present this to you.

IMPORTANT:The last day we can accept a new claim is Friday 23rd August – midday – to ensure the paperwork is properly processed and lodged with your lender before the cut-off time.