Four Ways That Spring Cleaning Helps You Save Money

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March 5, 2015
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March 25, 2015
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Four Ways That Spring Cleaning Helps You Save Money

For many people, the arrival of spring is an opportunity to deep clean their home and throw out items they no longer need.

This tradition, known as “spring-cleaning,” can be a lot of work. Although the results are pleasant, the work itself can be tedious.

Are you someone who dreads spring-cleaning? Maybe this will serve as extra motivation: you’re not just cleaning your home, you’re also saving money.

That’s right: your efforts will help keep your hard-earned money in your wallet. Here are four ways spring-cleaning can help your finances.

1Your Stuff Will Last Longer

When’s the last time you performed a bit of maintenance around your home? The following list of tasks can help your possessions last longer:

  • Cleaning your refrigerator coils
  • Rotating your mattress
  • Scrubbing the oven
  • Cleaning the gutters
  • Shining and polishing your shoes

These simple tasks can prolong the life of your furniture, clothing, and appliances by several years. The less you need to replace these items, the less money you’ll spend in the future.

Don’t feel discouraged about the major cleaning tasks that lie ahead of you. Remember that you’re effectively “earning money” (in the form of savings) by spring-cleaning.

2. You Can Form a Small Side Business 

As you’re cleaning out your home, make note of valuable items you no longer want or need. This is the perfect opportunity to hold a yard sale and earn side income. Sell your old furniture, appliances, handbags, etc., at a yard sale or list them online.

Don’t waste your time trying to sell every last thing.  After all, your time is valuable. Only list items you think might cover a nice dinner, or one of your utility bills. Then spend 10 or 15 minutes listing them for sale on eBay or Craigslist.

3. You Won’t Need Extra Storage 

Not in the habit of cleaning and purging your possessions? Does your home feel crowded? Are you overwhelmed by the amount of stuff you have?

If so, you have two options: sell your home and upsize to a larger place, or rent a storage unit.

Both of these options will cost you.

Larger homes of similar quality in your neighborhood cost more than smaller homes. Besides that, you’ll pay more money to heat and cool a larger space. You might also want to buy furnishings to fill up the extra space, defeating the entire purpose of upsizing.

Storage units aren’t as expensive as maintaining a larger home, but they’re still an additional expense. Eliminate the need for a storage unit, and reap the savings. You can put the extra money toward buying something new instead of clinging onto older belongings. (The only exception, of course, are very old family heirlooms. Those might be worth holding onto.)

4. You’ll Know Where Everything Is 

Have you ever had to purchase something you know you own because you can’t find it?

Having a cluttered home can make it difficult to find items we already own. This can result in buying duplicates of lost items. When you own less stuff, it’s easier to keep track of things. Getting organized will keep you from wasting your money, as you won’t have to buy things you’ve purchased before.


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