4 Ways to Earn More Money (and Get Out of Debt Faster!)

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December 3, 2014
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December 3, 2014
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4 Ways to Earn More Money (and Get Out of Debt Faster!)

Do you have a lot of debt? Ready to get out as quickly as possible? Consider ways you can earn more money in order to accelerate debt repayment.

If there’s a debt cloud hanging over you, hopefully these 4 ways to earn more will let the sun shine through.

Get Creative With a Hobby

 Is there anything you do for fun that can be turned into a profitable hobby? Do you enjoy woodworking, refinishing furniture, picking out antiques/rare items, knitting, coding, writing, or graphic design?

 Get creative and see how you can monetize activities and hobbies you already enjoy.Making extra on the side doesn’t have to be tedious or require a lot of effort.

Take On a Second Job

 Is there any way you can find a second part-time job to work at, after your full-time job? It doesn’t have to be at a physical location, either — many people are finding second jobs virtually.

 If you have a particular skill or specialization, you can try to become a consultant of sorts (if it’s not in conflict with your full-time job). Being a contractor can give you more flexibility.

 If you don’t mind making the sacrifice, finding a part-time retail job might prove to be a little easier, especially during busy seasons. Just imagine receiving every paycheck, and putting all of it toward your debt!

Sell Unused Items

 Do you have anything valuable laying around your house that hasn’t been used in a while that might be worth selling? Try taking things to a secondhand shop or selling items on eBay.

 Go through every item in your possession and ask yourself when the last time you used it was. If it was more than 6 months ago (and isn’t seasonal) and is in good condition, consider selling it.

 If you’re not sure how much a particular item is worth, browse through eBay. You never know — an item might have increased in value since you bought it.

 While it’s only a one-time income source (instead of recurring), it could provide you with some much needed extra cash and motivation to earn more.

Take Control at Work

 Are you due for a raise? Can you work overtime? Can you learn new skills to make yourself more valuable (and marketable)?

 Don’t forget to negotiate for a raise when you’ve earned one. And take advantage of the opportunity to work more hours to earn more if that’s possible.



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