Guess what’s the most complained about product in UK history? No, it’s not that terrible new hair gel or those uncomfortable shoes.  It is, in fact, a financial product: payment protection […]


We’ve spent a lot of time writing about the mis-sold PPI scandal that has rocked the U.K., but let’s take a step back for a second. Let’s ask ourselves – […]


As you’ve probably heard by now, the payment protection insurance scandal, otherwise known as the PPI Claims Scandal, has become the biggest financial scandal in UK history. This scandal is […]


With the PPI deadline in possible sight, our team have created this infographic entitled ‘The PPI Claims Scandal: A Brief History’. Though, perhaps a more apt title would have been […]


Is A PPI Deadline Imminent?


Is A PPI Deadline Imminent? If you still haven’t got your PPI claims started, now is the time to give it your serious attention. Not for the first time this year, […]


Getting some positive feedback from a client is always a good thing and it’s especially brilliant if they single out an individual for providing excellent service. That’s exactly what happened […]


We spend all day everyday telling people to check their loan agreements for PPI, so you’d think all of our staff would know if they had been paying for PPI. […]


Hi Kamal, I read your article with interest, a raised eyebrow and coffee all over my laptop (I was laughing). While I appreciate there’s nothing like a ride on the […]


“The saga continued today…. I think that’s the right word?” “This was the first line of an email that Irfan, one of our claim advisors, sent to me this afternoon. […]


The PPI scandal is getting a bit boring now isn’t it? “You can claim today”, “don’t leave it till it’s too late”, “thousands refunded” – the press is full of […]