Good news is something we deal in every day, we love telling people that there’s a cheque or BACS payment heading their way, and we really love helping people beat […]


The latest figures from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) show that £144.54 worth of PPI compensation has been paid out every second for the last three years. The total for […]


Until recently there were only two ways to get a mis sold PPI refund from your lender: 1. Claim back PPI yourself; or 2. Through a PPI Claims Company But […]


As well as scaring lenders into paying out full PPI refunds, we spent the whole of yesterday scaring each other as we donned our best Halloween costumes and had a […]


It’s over four years since we started helping people get back mis sold PPI and while that may not seem like a long time – it probably makes us one […]


Getting an expert in is something we do out of habit; – The drain backs up, you get a plumber in – The car won’t start, you get a mechanic […]


Before we get started; this post has nothing to do with PPI, there’s enough of that everywhere else on the website. On a Friday we like to let our hair […]


If you’re here then you’re probably wondering how to get your mis sold PPI cash back from your lender and considering making a PPI claim. As you may know; a […]


Have we got a peach for you here – a cat has been arrested in Arapiraca city, Brazil after trying to smuggle an escape kit into a jail. It seems […]


Right, we’re doing a Mayan prophesy post and yes I know it’s boring and been covered loads by everyone but if we’re all going to face an apocalyptic event in […]