Speaking at the Treasury Select Committee last week, Financial Ombudsman Chief Executive Caroline Wayman, hit out at insurance providers, stating that the uphold rates from compliants against insurers is “outrageous”. […]


The Central Bank of Ireland is investigating the impact of a number of problems that arose from the PPI mis-selling fiasco. They believe that the compensatory rates many banks created […]


A recent report published by an independent commission chaired by John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York, has revealed serious concerns about the future of poorer paid workers in the UK. […]


The Office of National Statistics recently confirmed that the United Kingdom economy grew by nearly 2% last year. This may not seem significant, but it is reportedly the highest rate […]


A surprising level of growth of 5.3% over the previous year suggests the retail sales for December far exceeded that of many industry analysts. The figures, provided by the Office […]


Image published with permission by roger4336 A recent report from the Council of Mortgage Lenders shows that lenders have started issuing more mortgages. First time home buyers took out about  27,000 mortgages in […]


Among the many cost increases faced by families in these difficult times is that of childcare which, for many, is something of a necessity. Research by website Findababysitter.com takes into […]


CC License License 401(K) 2013 The government launched the Help to Buy program last September. This program is dedicated to helping customers buy new properties in the coming years. Many […]


In the past it has traditionally been a wise move to choose to live in a commuter town rather than the city in which you work, especially with regard to […]


A crack-down on high call charges for customer complaint lines has been announced by the government, and will come into force from June, 2014. Currently consumers face unusually high costs […]