If you’re thinking about making a PPI claim then you’ll need to submit a Payment Protection Insurance Consumer Questionnaire. Your answers to this questionnaire give the Financial Ombudsman (FOS) a […]


Short answer: not on the refund amount, but you do on the 8% interest. But only in certain circumstances. If you receive a PPI refund in the form of a […]


The Payment Protection Insurance consumer questionnaire is the paperwork you need to complete to make an official PPI complaint to either your lender or the FOS – be sure to […]


Whether you’re claiming alone or through a company; chances are your lender will reject your PPI complaint – around 70% of all PPI claims are rejected this way. Don’t worry […]


I’m sure there are many good PPI companies out there and a few dodgy ones too, so how can you make sure your PPI claim is in safe, professional hands? […]


Making a Credit card claim is fundamentally the same as making a PPI claim against a mortgage or loan, your lender and the Financial Ombudsman (FOS) treat them all in […]


If you’re thinking about making a PPI claim then you may have heard about the PPI template letter, it’s an important tool to help you claim and acts as a […]


To start with, here’s three questions: – Are you the kind of person that wouldn’t take an item back if it broke while under warranty? – Would you put money […]


There are two ways to make a PPI claim: 1. Through a PPI claims company 2. On your own The process is the same either way but the workload, time, […]


The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) is the organisation that handles complaints against financial organisations, whether it’s about pensions, bank account charges or PPI – these are the guys that referee […]