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Whether you’re claiming alone or through a company; chances are your lender will reject your PPI complaint – around 70% of all PPI claims are rejected this way. Don’t worry too much about it, if you truly believe you were mis sold PPI – and can prove it – then you simply appeal the decision at the Financial Ombudsman. An adjudicator will review the lenders decision and either uphold it or order the lender to pay you compensation.

If the adjudicator agrees with the lender that you weren’t mis sold PPI, you can appeal their decision and an Ombudsman will review your case. His/her decision is final.

‘90% give up’

Lenders rejecting perfectly legitimate claims is a normal occurrence in the PPI claims industry, much more worrying is the fact that – according to the Times – 90% of people rejected by lenders give up their claim and any money they may be owed.

They’ll kick themselves, because of the 10% of people that continue their claim and appeal the decision at the Financial Ombudsman: 7 in 10 get a payout.

Too many stats! Let’s break it down…

– 70% of PPI claims are rejected by banks – of those people rejected 10% appeal to the FOS and 90% give up

– Of the 10% who decide to continue: 70% get a payout

Long story short, if you think you were mis sold PPI; don’t give up on your claim until an Ombudsman says you weren’t. A lot of people are missing out on their payout and the banks are saving a hell of a lot of money because of discontinued claims.

Around £10bn in PPI compensation has been paid out so far, if everyone continued their claim that figure would be closer to £90bn. With a saving so far of £80bn – you can see why banks reject claims.

Shortcut summary: If your claim is rejected by your lender all you have to do is NOT GIVE UP and you’re doing more than 90% of people. Appeal to the Financial Ombudsman and an adjudicator will review your case, if s/he agrees with the lender you can appeal again and an Ombudsman will review your case. His/her decision is final. Basically, if you think you were mis sold don’t give up until an Ombudsman says you weren’t.

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By John Gregory

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MARCH 23RD 2020

At this time we are continuing business as usual however our team will now largely be working from home. This limits our phone contact availability. Customer support remains available Monday to Friday but please email in to with your query. We aim to get back to you within 48 hours. On receipt of PPI refunds our fees remain payable and can be paid via our website or via BACS. We are also working on some other areas of potential claim for you in connection with your PPI and will be in touch shortly where applicable to present this to you.

IMPORTANT:The last day we can accept a new claim is Friday 23rd August – midday – to ensure the paperwork is properly processed and lodged with your lender before the cut-off time.