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January 21, 2014
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What is a PPI Template Letter?

If you’re thinking about making a PPI claim then you may have heard about the PPI template letter, it’s an important tool to help you claim and acts as a framework for you to add your PPI complaint to – but you don’t always need it. You’ll only need a template letter if you’re claiming back PPI premiums alone, without the help of a company.

Why don’t I need a PPI template letter if I’m using a PPI claims company?

When claiming through a ppi company, they will speak to you about your situation at the point of the credit agreement and your recollection of the sales conversation or process. Once they have your side of the story; can prove you have PPI and believe you were mis sold, they’ll put your complaint together and make a claim. It is because they do this for you that you don’t need a PPI template letter.

How to use the PPI template letter

When making a PPI complaint you need to do exactly that, complain. After all; in order to be eligible for compensation you have to have been sold a PPI policy that was inappropriate, over-priced or ill-explained. If you’re claiming alone then the template letter is your chance to tell the bank – and the FOS if it goes that far – about how you were sold the policy and why you think it was mis sold to you.

A good template letter will give you pre-constructed sentences that you can edit to suit your specific circumstances, obviously if you want to change or add a section you can do that too. It’s about making sure that you’re presenting your case professionally and in its entirety as much as anything else. Here’s what a PPI template letter looks like…



There’s more to it than that excerpt but you get the idea, it contains paragraphs that form your complaint – you just add/edit/delete to fit your circumstances. We’ve got one you can download, there’s a link a the end of the article. Along with the PPI template letter you also send off a Financial Ombudsman Questionnaire which you can get here and any additional evidence you might have to support your case.

Evidence includes statements with ‘PPI’ or similar on, proof of self-employment if you’re complaining that you were never eligible for cover, or proof of savings if you are complaining that the sales person didn’t ask if you needed PPI. If you need a PPI template letter or want to see what one looks like, be our guest…

Download PPI template letter

Shortcut summary: A PPI template letter is a pre-constructed document that you can use to put together your complaint about PPI. You edit; add-to and delete the content to fit your circumstances, then send the letter and a FOS questionnaire to your lender or – if it goes that far – the Financial Ombudsman. Use the link immediately above to download a PPI template letter.

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