Page by Page: The Payment Protection Insurance Consumer Questionnaire

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January 30, 2014
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Page by Page: The Payment Protection Insurance Consumer Questionnaire

The Payment Protection Insurance consumer questionnaire is the paperwork you need to complete to make an official PPI complaint to either your lender or the FOS – be sure to complain to your lender first. It’s also known as the Financial Ombudsman Questionnaire or FOS Questionnaire.

The questionnaire asks for personal and financial details related to the product or service you are complaining about, these details are used to process the complaint and establish if you were mis sold. There are 11 pages in total and you’ll need to fill out one questionnaire per PPI complaint, we’ll quickly go through each page – there’s a link to download a FOS Questionnaire at the end of the post…



PAGE 1: This is pretty self explanatory, just make sure you enter any joint account holder and check everything twice – mistakes can seriously delay the process.



PAGE 2: This page is all about the PPI policy you’re complaining about, try to recall as much information as possible.



PAGE 3: If you’ve ever claimed on the PPI policy to cover your repayments then you enter details of the claim on this page. Go into detail, even policies that paid out have been mis sold.



PAGE 4: Choose the product alongside which the PPI was sold and enter the account number/credit card number for that borrowing. Also select a reason for taking out the credit.



PAGE 5: Fill out section C.3 if you took out the borrowing to pay off a debt, C.4 discusses whether you missed any repayments or went into arrears on the loan/credit


PAGE 6: This is about your personal circumstances, specifically your employment at the time of the credit agreement and now. It goes without saying, but be completely honest.



PAGE 7: More about your employment situation and whether you receive sick pay. Also about how you could have covered your repayments if you hadn’t been able to work, for example if you had ample savings you shouldn’t have been sold a policy.



PAGE 8: All about your state of health at the point of the credit agreement and any disabled status you may have. If you weren’t able to work but they still sold you a policy it may have been mis sold.



PAGE 9: This is where you go into detail about the sale of the PPI policy and why you’re unhappy. Enter as much detail as possible about your circumstances and what the bank told you, provide evidence where possible and use page 11 if you need more room.


PAGE 10:

PAGE 10: Sign on the dotted line.


PAGE 11:

PAGE 11: Use this if you run out of room on any of the other pages, especially page 9.


Fill it out carefully and send it off to your lender (or the FOS) with any supporting documents such as statements with PPI on and loan/credit agreements. Remember PPI is also known as ASU, Accident Sickness & Unemployment Cover, Income Protection and Loan Repayment Protection so look for that on statements.

Shortcut summary: The Payment Protection Insurance Consumer Questionnaire is the 11-page document you fill out and send off to your lender or the FOS to complain about PPI. The questions cover personal and financial details related to the PPI policy and credit agreement, you’re also asked to give your recollection of the sale and explain why you’re unhappy. Send it off with any supporting evidence such as statements with ‘PPI’ on and the credit agreement.

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