The cost of the Payment Protection Insurance scandal has reached £13.4 billion for the Lloyds Banking Group, the highest amount amongst all banks and lenders in the UK. Over £1.4 […]


Annuities are a highly popular way of making sure you have enough income to live off of in retirement. You can cash in your pension and receive an annuity, which […]


Saving money is hard enough when you’re single. When you’re trying to compromise with a partner about how to create a budget, saving money can be twice as tough. Every […]


You’ve decided to move to another city, perhaps someplace with a lower cost-of-living. Now comes the hard part: Deciding what to bring and what to leave behind. Packing boxes. Hiring […]


You want to upgrade your home. Your dishwasher makes loud clanging noises every time it runs. Your stove is beaten and old fashioned. Your cabinets are falling apart. Your countertops […]


Many families choose to travel in the summer because kids are home from school, and everyone wants to enjoy the beautiful weather. However, travel costs can add up quickly. From […]