Good news is something we deal in every day, we love telling people that there’s a cheque or BACS payment heading their way, and we really love helping people beat […]


The Lurgan Police Department has warned that people need to be on their guard against a new PPI scandal. Several people have been contacted by scam artists purporting to be representatives […]


Do you want to pay off your debt? If so, here are two strategies you should know. “Debt stacking” and “debt snowball” are two different tactics that can help you […]


The Central Bank of Ireland is investigating the impact of a number of problems that arose from the PPI mis-selling fiasco. They believe that the compensatory rates many banks created […]


The latest figures from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) show that £144.54 worth of PPI compensation has been paid out every second for the last three years. The total for […]


Despite warnings from the Financial Service Authority, there are signs that the PPI crisis may be finally starting to peak. The Financial Ombudsman said complaints for most of the High […]