Financial regulators have been scrutinizing Lloyds business practices. The Financial Conduct Authority recently fined the bank £28 million for placing excessive pressure on their salespeople to meet targets. The bank also […]


A crack-down on high call charges for customer complaint lines has been announced by the government, and will come into force from June, 2014. Currently consumers face unusually high costs […]


Golden Rule #1 if you’re considering using a claims company to make a PPI claim: don’t ever pay up front to start your claim. You never need to. Some companies […]


Lloyds has been heavily criticized for a new scandal that it has been implicated in. Many readers had already lost trust in the bank after the PPI mis-selling scandal. However, […]


If you’re going it alone on the PPI claim front then you’re likely to be messed around, not our words but those of the Press… Banks fob off ‘shocking’ tally […]


The United Kingdom has fallen into recession several times in the past five years. The economy has finally started to recover again, but many consumers aren’t feeling the relief. In […]