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William Robb is one of the 32 million credit card holders in the UK and after hearing about the mis sold PPI scandal, he wanted to know if he had an unfair PPI policy.

Oracle Legal helped Mr Robb reclaim back a final total of £53,015.46 in mis sold PPI payments and unfair credit card charges. Read Mr Robbs complete story...

PPI Refunds UK

PPI Refunds UK is a team of financial fighters guided by one strong belief: that Britain should have a fair financial system. We believe in a system that should help the public get the support they need in a manageable way from responsible lenders.

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PPI Claims UK

We’ve been doing this for three and a half years now (which is a long time in this industry!) and over that period we’ve perfected the PPI claims process to make sure your refund is processed as efficiently as possible. Your claim is handled by experienced PPI complaint handlers; you’ll speak

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At BankCharges.com we specialise in helping you get your money back from the banks, mortgage lenders and credit card companies when they’ve taken your money unfairly. Banks and lenders in the UK make money from account fees every year and our aim is to make it as easy

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Paying Your Invoice

If you’ve received an invoice through the post you can now pay it securely using our online payments system.

Please ensure you have your credit/debit card ready before proceeding to the next page, please not all fields are required,

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PPI Claims Adviser

The sharp increase in PPI claims in recent years has revealed millions of PPI policies that have been mis sold along side loans, credit cards and mortgages. Given the number of mis-sold PPI policies it is entirely possible that you may have also been sold a PPI policy.

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You can make PPI claims through our team of advisors against credit agreements including:

- Mortgages

- Loans

- Credit Cards

- Car Finance

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